Our Practitioners

A Religious Science Practitioner is a Spiritual Counselor.  The Practitioner is trained to help people use the art and skill of affirmative prayer to resolve challenges and situations in their lives.

Many people choose to meet with a Practitioner when faced with a specific challenge.  Others work with a Practitioner regularly to grow and deepen in spiritual awareness.

A Practitioner session can help you understand your challenge (in any area, including relationships, health or finances) and its possible cause.  Sometimes you are too close to a situation to have an objective viewpoint.  Working with a Practitioner can help you work through these situations and learn how to sustain results in the future.

Through the practice of affirmative prayer, Practitioners create a sacred space where healing can occur by knowing and revealing a spiritual truth, which is greater than any physical condition or situation.  Miracles take place through affirmative prayer.

Practitioner sessions are always private and confidential.  Each Practitioner has studied for at least four years in order to become licensed at Joyful Living Church.

Practitioners serving Joyful Living Spiritual Center are:

Rev. Jerry Troyer

Rev. Dr. Loree Oberle-Edwards

Jerry Collins

Cliff Edwards

A Practitioner is available for a short session after every Sunday service at no cost.  In private practice, a Practitioner, like any other licensed professional, receives a fee for his or her time, training and skill in providing a service.  Each has an individual fee schedule.  Arrangements are made between the client and the Practitioner.

Contact the Church office at (619) 797-0255 for more information.