Joyful Living Spiritual Center began in the early 80's as The Center for Religious Enlightenment.  The name was changed to the New Thought Center for Creative Living in the mid 90's.

We became Joyful Living Church in 2009, to reflect Rev. Jerry's new vision and our mission of embracing everyone in compassion, healing and joy, and Joyful Living Spiritual Center in 2012.

The Center welcomes you, regardless of your religious background or sexual orientation.

We honor and celebrate each person, and offer compassion, knowing that each person is the beloved of God (Spirit, the Universe, our Higher Power).

Without judgment, we recognize that just about everyone has, at one time or another, looked outside themselves for peace, power and approval.  This can come in many forms, such as substance abuse (including drugs, alcohol, and chocolate cake), reckless spending, or staying in a hurtful relationship.  We recognize that God is a power, not a personality that judges us and withholds from us.

Healing occurs when we allow ourselves to remember our oneness with Spirit.  As we forgive ourselves and others, we see that each day is new--full of opportunity and possibility to experience and express all that we can be.  We release old beliefs that we are somehow less than we should be, and feel the presence of our Higher Power within us.  As we do, we become aware that we deserve all the Good that Life (and life) has for us, and it is unlimited.

As we let go of guilt and shame, we allow ourselves to move forward in unconditional love--for ourselves especially, as well as for others.  We honor ourselves by releasing addictions and habits that no longer serve us.  We see that perfect love, acceptance and peace really must come from within us.  Anything outside ourselves is just a momentary fix.

Joy is our experience as a result of healing beliefs in separation and unworthiness.  True joy comes from within us, and even if outside conditions change (job, relationship, finances), our underlying feeling of joy does not change.  In joy, we celebrate the truth of who we are.  We cherish ourselves, choosing to do and experience only what honors us.

Joyful Living Spiritual Center is a member of the San Diego GSDBA as well as the Affiliated New Thought Network.  In the community, we are honored to offer financial and in-kind support to such organizations as New Dawn for Seniors, Live and Let Live Alano Club, and the San Diego Urban Street Angels.

Our Board of Trustees is committing to the growth and expansion of our nurturing and welcoming spiritual community.  Members include:

Rev. Jerry Troyer, President

Marsha Starr, Vice-President

Jean Cordova, Secretary

Karolyn Malmin