About Us

OUR MISSION:  To motivate, elevate and inspire spiritual growth.

OUR VISION:  Abundantly experiencing a welcoming, joyful, engaged and empowered spiritual community.

Joyful Living Spiritual Center is a welcoming and inclusive spiritual community, teaching New Thought and Religious Science principles.  We recognize the Law of Attraction, and remember the words of Jesus, that it is “done unto us as we believe.”

We honor and celebrate each person , and offer compassion, knowing that each person is the beloved of God.  Without judgment, we see that just about everyone has, at one time or another, looked outside themselves for peace, power and approval.  This can come in many forms, such as substance abuse (whether it be drugs, alcohol, or chocolate cake), reckless spending, or staying in a relationship that no longer serves us.

We remember that our Higher Power (God, Spirit, the Universe) is a power, not a personality.  Spirit always loves us without condition, and never judges us.

Healing occurs when we allow ourselves to remember our oneness with our Higher Power.  As we forgive ourselves and others, we see that each day is new—full of opportunity and possibility to experience and express all that we can be.

We release old beliefs that we are somehow less than we should be, and feel the presence of Spirit within us.  As we do, we become aware that we deserve all the Good that Life has for us, and it is unlimited.  As we let go of guilt and shame, we allow ourselves to move forward in unconditional love—for ourselves especially, as well as for others.  We honor ourselves by releasing addictions and habits that no longer serve us.  We see that perfect peace really comes from within us.  Anything outside ourselves is just a momentary fix.

Joy is our experience as a result of healing beliefs in separation and unworthiness.  True joy comes from within us, and even if our outside circumstances (job, relationship, finances) change, our underlying feeling of joy does not change.  In joy, we celebrate the truth of who we are—the beloved of God.  We cherish ourselves, choosing to do and experience only what honors us.

We honor the past, celebrate the present, and look forward to a future bright with love and opportunity.

Joyful Living Spiritual Center is a tithing church, and supports many community organizations, including Urban Street Angels.

We are a member of the GSDBA, as well as the Affiliated New Thought Network (ANTN).

We are here to support you in your spiritual growth. Our staff of ministers and practitioners are available for Spiritual Mind Treatment (affirmative prayer) requests, and individual sessions by appointment. Please contact our office for more information.

As we study the ideas of Jesus and other Master Teachers, we become more aware of our ability to “change our thinking and change our lives”.

Join us!  We meet Sundays at 10 a.m, at the Days Hotel, 543 Hotel Circle South, San Diego 92108 (in the East Wing Meeting Room on the seond floor).